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FAQ: Administration of a Company Network

What is a company network?

faq1As a customer, you can set up a “Company Network” in Allplan Connect.

The people assigned to your company network will be able to enjoy the full range of functions provided by Allplan Connect. If you are an Allplan Connect subscriber, you receive Premium level rights and can thus access all parts of Allplan Connect without restriction; customers without Allplan Connect subscription will be offered a restricted range of services.

As an administrator, you can invite colleagues to join your Allplan Connect company network and then accept their applications, and you can also remove existing members of the network. You become an administrator by registering your customer number and entering your Admin Key on the Profile -> Company Network page.

Your Admin Key is available in a letter addressed personally to you.

What is an Administrator?

faq2enThe Administrator is a member of staff in an office who is entitled to set up an Allplan Connect Company Network. Allplan Connect administrators are granted an extended range of rights, including the ability to set up an Allplan Connect Company Network, invite people to join it, confirm or reject connection applications to an existing Company Network and remove people already allocated to a Company Network.

What privileges does an Allplan Connect subscriber have?

faq3eAn Allplan Connect subscriber can access the entire content and all the functionality of Allplan Connect without restriction. Such users can take part in events free of charge, contact technical support and utilise the entire content of Allplan Connect.

License customers without Allplan Connect subscription are granted restricted access to the content and functions of Allplan Connect. However, they have access to more content and functions than users classified as Interested Parties. This means they can download various content, watch e-Learning videos and read FAQ’s).

So called Interested Parties can also make use of Allplan Connect, but the scope of functions available is more restricted than that of License customers.

■ What scope of functionality is offered in Allplan Connect?

Comprehensive support - contact our technical support team directly from the Support area or browse the FAQs database.
Forum - exchange information, valuable tips relating to everyday work and advice on specific tasks.
Download CAD-Objects - numerous Allplan optimized CAD objects and textures available for you to download.
E-Learning - numerous practical e-learning videos about architecture and civil engineering.

■ How much does Allplan Connect subscription cost?

The annual fee for Allplan Connect is 50 euro (117 leva incl. VAT) .

■ How does one become an Allplan Connect administrator?

Administrator rights are granted to Allplan customers that confirm their customer number by means of the Admin Key. Details of how to enter an Admin Key in Allplan Connect can be found here.

■ What can the administrator of a Company Network do?

The administrator of a Company Network can invite colleagues to join a network – and can, of course, remove them again if necessary.

As a member of a Company Network, staff can benefit from the relevant customer status (customer or SP customer respectively).


■ How can I join a Company Network?

In order to join a Company Network, you need your company’s customer number. This can be entered in the relevant field under Profile myProfile. The administrator of your Company Network then needs to confirm your membership. You can inform your administrator of your connection request via Profile -> Company Network.


■ What is an Admin Key?

faqkeyenThe Admin Key is a 16-place sequence of characters. Persons that receive the Admin Key matching a customer number can become an administrator of the customer’s Company Network in Allplan Connect.

Each Admin Key is only valid in conjunction with the customer number, and can only be used once. If another Admin Key is required, you must apply for this, and we shall then provide you with this personally.

Unused Admin Keys remain valid without limitation. They only lapse on confirmation of the customer number.

■ How do I receive an Admin Key?

The Admin Key will be sent to you by post. If this does not happen automatically, or if you need further Admin Keys, you can also request them via Allplan Connect.

To do this, please go to the tab Profile -> Company Network.

There you will find a link to the online form „Request Admin Key“.

■ Can I also connect to Allplan Connect without an Admin Key?

Anyone who is interested in Allplan software, who is already a user, or who is simply only seeking information about Allplan can access Allplan Connect.

Registration is free of charge, and even as an Interested Party all areas are available to Allplan Connect users.

■ Can there be several administrators in my network?

As soon as an additional user confirms a customer number by means of an Admin Key, this person will also become an administrator in the relevant Company Network.

As an administrator, one has the option of removing any other administrator from the Company Network. You can draw three Admin Keys from your written invitation to Allplan Connect.

Further Admin Keys can be obtained by way of the online form at www.allplan-connect.com/en/support/contact/request-admin-key.html

If your Administrator were to leave the company, be away for an extended period on holiday or be otherwise engaged, the option to have multiple administrators ensures access to all the Admin functions.

■ What happens if the Admin Key is input incorrectly five times?

If you accidentally make a typing error five times when entering your Admin Key, you can unlock your customer number in the following way:  

      faq61. If there is already an Admin in your Company Networkerk

Send your Company Admin a connection application by contacting your Company Admin at Profile -> Company Network.

      2.  Open a new Company Network

In this case, please contact our technical support team at: 

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone number: +49 89 92793 - 8888
Contact form: https://www.allplan-connect.com/en/support/contact.html

This will unlock your customer number and generate a new Admin Key, so that you can confirm your customer number with a new Admin Key.



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