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CINEMA 4D - The First Choice for 3D Education

MAXON's award-winning software gives students the best possible start in 3D life. Time and again our customers tell us that CINEMA 4D is the easiest to use professional 3D tool available. 

This ease of use lets aspiring students quickly and easily start creating great-looking 3D graphics and animations. They will find constant inspiration in CINEMA 4D's use worldwide for the production of high-end movies, television commercials, Web sites, fine art and more. Students will be able to create a portfolio or show reel with which they can secure a bright future in one of many global industries.

Depending on your needs MAXON offers both a completely free! version called CINEMA 4D Student and the extremely affordable CINEMA 4D Student/Teacher. So MAXON's revolutionary tools are affordable for students, colleges and universities, and lets them unleash their creativity in new dimensions.


Get into 3D with the CINEMA 4D Student for free! The ideal choice for students who want to prepare for the real world.


CINEMA 4D Student/Teacher gives you some neat extras over the free license.

 Function CINEMA 4D Student CINEMA 4D Student/Teacher
 Cost Free Please contact us for further information
 Complete CINEMA 4D STUDIO feature set
 (excluding network rendering)
v v
 Valid for 18 month v v
 Network rendering x v
 Support of serial number dependant plugins x v
 MAXON support hotline x v
 Update to a full commercial version with a huge discount* x v
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* CINEMA 4D Student License Program

The CINEMA 4D Student/Teacher pay version can be relicensed as a current commercial release of and version of CINEMA 4D up to 6 months after completion of the degree, educational program or apprenticeship. This offer is valid once only per person for a single license.

Discount for relicensing as a commercial version:

25% off retail price (software only)
50% off retail price (in conjunction with an MSA)


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