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Cinema 4D for Students and Instructors

Whether you are learning or teaching, we’ve got the tools and resources to jump-start your professional 3D experience.

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Create a MyMaxon account
Apply for your free educational license

Cinema 4D educational licensing is available exclusively for training and learning purposes for instructors and students at qualified schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions. It may not be used directly or indirectly for commercial, professional or other profit-making purposes.

In order to obtain a free educational license students and teachers will be required to provide proof of enrollment (student ID, enrollment certificate, class schedule) or employment (teacher ID, proof of class schedule, valid employment verification).

Once you have created a MyMaxon account and downloaded Cinema 4D, you may complete the online registration for a free license. When your application has been approved (up to 10 days) you will find a free educational license in the Licenses tab of the License Manager (Help=>License Manager) within Cinema 4D. While you are waiting for your application to be reviewed you can still use Cinema 4D in Trial mode for up to 14 days.

Learn how to apply for a Cinema 4D R21 Educational License: https://youtu.be/DsPbLlkcNTs


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