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SCIA Engineer | Technical Specifications


General - SCIAEngineer user environment

  • Object-oriented: with a simple right-click of the mouse button you can modify, delete, copy… everything, everywhere
  • Well-structured property dialogues are used for fast viewing and editing of all object-properties
  • “Parametric Modelling”: geometry and loads
  • Templates and user defined models: individual generators
  • “Autodesign” of steel profiles and concrete reinforcement according to different codes
  • Several languages to be selected for the user interface and reporting: English, Dutch, German, French, Czech, Slovak, Spanish, Romanian and Russian

Modeller - Input of your Structure


  • Beams can be straight, curved, with haunches, with holes or completely arbitrary
  • Flat or curved surfaces of constant or variable thickness can have intersections with cut-outs, holes, sub-regions of different thickness or ribs
  • The calculation model is 2D and 3D with a perfect integration of beams and surfaces
  • A wide range of cross-sections is available in the standard profile library. It includes standard steel cross-sections (HEA, IPE, L, RHS, CHS, C, T…), concrete cross-sections, welded sections, thin-walled sections, pairs of sections, sheet welded sections, composite sections, aluminium sections, bridge sections…
  • concrete02s
  • Load generators: water and snow accumulation, wind, soil loads, etc.
  • “Round-Trip Engineering” with Allplan: two-way communication of geometry and reinforcement data between the engineer and draftsman
  • EN code implementation: easy and fast handling of national annexes
  • Import and export of the model using DXF, DWG, VRML, PSS, IFC, SDNF, DSTV, XML, PDF 3D. Bi-directional links are available for Allplan, ArchiCAD (Structural Work Link), Vectorworks, Tekla Structures, Revit (Autodesk), Etabs, etc.



  • A wide variety of calculation types including linear, non-linear, prestressing, dynamics and global buckling analysis is available
  • Linear analysis (1st order)
  • Non-linear analysis
  • 2nd order with Initial deformation and curvature of the structure, large displacements
  • Beams with pressure-only, tension-only, limited pressure or tension
  • Gap elements
  • Prestressed_beam_designs
  • Non-linear springs in hinges and supports (soil)
  • Cables
  • Dynamic analysis
- Natural modes and frequencies
- Harmonic loads
- Seismic loads (modal superposition)
- Non-uniform damping
- Time-history analysis 
  • Soil-structure interaction
  • Global structure stability (structural buckling: linear and non-linear)steel06s
  • Mobile and convoy loads
  • Membrane elements (Tents)
  • Pressure only shell elements (masonry walls; non-reinforced concrete walls)
  • Code dependant concrete deflections (creep and cracking)
  • Material non-linear analysis for concrete (redistribution of internal forces)
  • Torsional buckling (warping)
  • Time dependant analysis for (prestressed) concrete structures including creep, stress history, shrinkage, ageing, long-term losses, relaxation and stress redistribution
  • Construction stages (linear and non-linear)concrete04-1s
  • Sequential analysis: results from one analysis are used as the initial state for a new analysis


  • A wide variety of results in beams and slabs is viewed: deformations, internal forces, supports reactions, connections forces, internal stresses, contact stresses, foundation load table…
  • Results are viewed generally for the whole structure or detailed for a selection of elements
  • The graphical representation of results is flexible and the user chooses between different possibilities


Output - The document

  • The user defines the layout of the document:
  • Tables should be printed
  • The contents and layout of each table
  • “ChapterMaker”, fast creation of pictures and tables
  • Customizable front page, headers and footers
  • The order: by load case, by element …
  • Picture gallery for graphical views
  • The document is dynamic: the tables with results are updated automatically when the input data are changed and the structure is recalculated
  • Well-structured output is obtained using the automatic paragraph numbering
  • The user-defined layouts are stored as a template so that they can be reused for other projects
  • “Active Document”: the user may change the project input data in the document.
  • The project model will be adapted automatically, the structure is recalculated and the document (results…) will be adapted accordingly
  • The document is exported to HTML, ASCII, RTF, PDF, PDF 3D

Steel Designer07steel_s

  • Steel code checks according to a large number of codes: EN 1993, NEN 6770/6771, DIN 18800, CSN 73-1401, STN 73-1401.98, Önorm 4300, CM 66, SIA 263, BS 2000, AISC 2005, IS 800…
  • The steel code checks include design and optimization of cross-sections, section checks, buckling and stability design, lateral torsional buckling (including 2nd order – LTB II)
  • Automatic determination of buckling lengths with manual adaptations or input by the user
  • Various analysis methods available: 2nd order analysis (p-delta effects, bow imperfections), non-linear analysis (hinges, supports, wind-bracings, members), seismic analysis (EN1998) and global stability analysis
  • wooden_roof_s
  • Fire resistance checks according to the latest EN, NEN and SIA
  • Design of cellular beams (in cooperation with ArcelorMittal) according to ENV 1993 and BS
  • Cold formed sections design according to EC-EN 1993-1-3 and AISI NAS 2007
  • Connection design according to the latest EN, BS and DIN with bolted frame connections, welded frame connections, pinned frame connections, bolted diagonals and pinned grid connections
  • Connection design with “Parametric Modelling” and “SnapCheck” features
  • Expert system for optimal selection of a connection from an integrated library of connections
  • The design of connections with a large variety of shapes and with a large range of stiffeners, additional haunches…concrete07s
  • General arrangements and detailing drawings generated automatically for selected model sections or for each part of a connection

Timber Designer

  • Timber design according to EC 5
  • The design of timber includes the design and optimization of cross-sections and check of creep deformations

Aluminium Designer

  • Aluminium design according to EC 9
  • The design of aluminium includes (bow) imperfections, transverse welds, HAZ data as well as the tools available in steel design modules (optimization, etc.)

Concrete Designer

  • Concrete design of beams, columns and slabs according to a large numbeconcrete08sr of codes: EC 2, BAEL 91, DIN 1045, NEN 6720, Önorm B4700, CSN, BS 8110, SIA 262, ACI 318, IS 456…
  • “Autodesign” of beams and columns
  • Enhanced crack proof control
  • Safe and economical design algorithm for bending and membrane forces in slabs, combined with an advanced algorithm for optimal steel reinforcement
  • Punching check in slabs
  • Prestressing and Time Dependent Analysis according to EC 2, DIN, CSN, ONORM and NEN code.
  • “SnapCheck” for prestressed and reinforced concrete
  • Fire resistance according to EC 2
  • HollowCorewithHoles_s

Concrete Precast Designer

  • Precast Beams and Columns according to EN 1992-1-2 including fire resistance check
  • Hollow core slab design according to EN 1168
  • Library of Beam Strand Patterns and Reinforcement Templates
  • Unique “Template Analysis” using Scia ODA (One Dialogue Applications)

Composite Structures

  • SCIA Mixbeam: Composite bridge modelling, analysis and checking according to French regulations
  • Piles_hotel_s
  • Check of steel-concrete composite beams, slabs and columns in accordance with EN 1994 for buildings and BS 5950
  • The design of structures includes final (composite) and construction (non-composite) stage and fire resistance design

Foundation Designer

  • Pad foundation design according to EN 1997-1: design and optimization tool is available also in the Pad foundation stability check service as well as in the overall AutoDesign
  • Pile design according to NEN
  • steel03s

Special Steel Designer Modules

  • Scaffolding design: Input of initial deformation, member and connection checks for scaffolding structures according to EN 12811-1
  • Power mast checks: special checks for high voltage power mast according to EN 50381-3-15
  • Steel hall modeller: Special wizard for fast input of steel halls

Scia Pipeline

  • “Autodesign” of 3D pipelines for onshore and offshore applications


  • Automatic generation of professional quality steel and concrete general arrangement drawings
  • Generation of anchorage and implantation plan
  • Different planes are selected and a picture is generated for each plane
  • User-definable layout including all kinds of dimension lines
    Possibility to add texts, lines, circles
  • Final drawing is composed in the “paper space” mode and is printed or exported to DXF, DWG

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