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SCIA Engineer | Editions

Concept Edition SCIA Engineer

The basic SCIA Engineer Concept Edition is aimed at engineers who are modelling and analysing common structures made of steel or concrete or another material. It is the best choice for daily work. Tools for effective preparation of printouts with tables and pictures and modules for code-checking according to the preferred national code are included. “Active Document” ensures that the printouts are always up-to-date, even after significant modifications of the model.

Professional Edition SCIA Engineer

The SCIA Engineer Professional Edition is ideal for experienced structural engineers who deal with more complex projects. The cooperation with colleagues from other professions involved in the construction process is smooth thanks to included BIM and Workgroup toolbox. This Edition is suitable for projects that require nonlinear, dynamic or stability calculation or where fire resistance must be checked. Steel connections can be designed and checked. General arrangement drawings and detail drawings of connections accompany the impressive 3D visualisation in the engineering report.

“Round-Trip Engineering” with Allplan, direct link with Tekla Structures © and certified IFC 2x3 interface facilitate an effective communication with a whole range of third-party CAD/CAE software. 

Expert Edition SCIA Engineer

The SCIA Engineer Expert Edition provides an uncompromising solution for experts who design the most challenging structures and who need an adequate tool. This Edition is a must for engineers who work with prestressed concrete, who need to analyse individual stages of the construction or who must scrutinise time-dependent behaviour of structures.

What is included in the SCIA Engineer Editions

Modeller Concept Professional Expert
Modeller, Productivity toolbox with active document
BIM toolbox, parametric modelling, Allplan, Tekla, ETABS interface  
Load generators Concept Professional Expert
Load generator: wind, snow, load panels
3D wind load generator, Mobile loads  
Advanced mobile loads, Train load    
Analyser Concept Professional Expert
Linear static analysis
Non-linear static analysis – tension only members, pressure only supports, geometrical non-linearity
Advanced non-linear static analysis – springs and gaps for beams, pressure only slabs, Stability analysis, Dynamic analysis  
Advanced calculations: soil interaction, cables, non-linear stability, membranes, sequential analysis, friction springs, plastic shells analysis    
Linear and non-linear construction stages    
Pre-stressed structures, Time Dependent Analysis    
Concrete designer Concept Professional Expert
RC design and check, Punching sheer check, Code depended deformations, Input of practical reinforcement
Fire resistance check for RC beams  
Pre- and post-tensioned members: design and check    
Steel designer Concept Professional Expert
Steel code check - incl. Optimisation of cross-sections (esasd.01.xx)
Fire resistance check, Plastic analysis  
Steel connections: modelling and checks  
Detailer Concept Professional Expert
Automated General Arrangement Drawings  
Detailed connections drawings  
Foundations Concept Professional Expert
Pad foundations  



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