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Rory Cripps, Hydrogeologist at Stuart Well Services


DC-Dewatering Review

Stuart Well Services is a leading specialist in construction dewatering, based in the UK.  We commonly install vacuum wellpoint and deep well systems for excavations of any size. We were approached by DC-Software with respect to their DC-Dewatering Software.  Being a company we have not heard of before we were slightly sceptical at first, however the staff were friendly and very helpful. They promptly sent us a full version of the software for us to try, with plenty of time (2 months) to trial the software and make sure it was something we could actually use. Throughout this period the sales staff were only every helpful and never too pushy. 

Using the software was simple and intuitive. I was able to produce an accurate model very quickly with very little use of the user’s manual.  There are more technical features within the model that require the user’s manual but these were quickly understood.  The most useful feature of the software is that dewatering wells can be automatically created and positioned within the model to achieve the required drawdown. The model produces the relevant results including total discharge flow, individual well yield and radius of influence. In addition the software produces cross-sections of steady state drawdown, which is useful when presenting to clients. 

We have tested the software against existing dewatering projects and the modelled results were very similar. The DC-Dewatering software takes the analytical equations commonly used in dewatering analysis and apply them within a model attain a more representative calculation of flow and number of required wells; this gives us more confidence in the dewatering design. 

Във фирмата използваме

софтуера за устойчивост на

откоси с програмния продукт на

DC-Software от 2013 г.
Оценяваме възможността да

инвестираме в програмата,

решаваща конкретни задачи,

характерни за нашата работа.

Избрахме DC-Slope не cамо

заради преведените на

български език менюта, но и

заради удобния интерфейс и

изходни данни.
Има възможност за работа,

като са въведени изчисленията

по различни стандарти,

особено актуалния с

българското законодателство

Еврокод 7, а също и въведения

миналата година Еврокод 8.
Надяваме се в бъдеще да

намираме все повече млади

специалисти, обучени за

работа с DC-Software от

лабораториите на УАСГ, ВТУ

"Т. Каблешков" и МГУ "Св. Иван


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