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Home News DC-Software News | August 2017

DC-Software News - August 2017
dc-lamellaTwo new foundation programs are now available:
    •    DC-Lamella - Stability of diaphragm wall lamellae acc. to DIN 4126:2013 and Eurocode 7
    •    DC-Pile/Npw - Analysis of piles in slopes e.g. for noise protection walls acc. to ZTV-Lsw 06    

Analysis of piles in slopes
  • Analysis acc. to the latest standard DIN 4126:2013 with partial safety factors acc. to Eurocode 7 resp. DIN 1054:2010
  • Verification of the loss of slurry by penetration into the soil
  • Verification of the safety against influx of ground water into the lamella and against displacement of the slurry
  • Verification of the safety against sliding of single grains or groups of grains
  • Verification of the safety against sliding surfaces in the soil endangering the lamella
  • Verification of the required liquid limit of the slurry
  • Graphical display of the utilization, hydraulic gradient, penetration, support force, earth pressure and shoulder friction
  • Select short output of the verifications or extensive output of all results
  • Consideration of the guidance wall with supporting earth pressure at rest if desired
  • Application of slopes in the ground
  • Application of up to 10 loads
  • Any single load may be applied or not for the earth pressure at rest on the guidance wall and for the shoulder pressure on the sliding block
  • Bilinear application for the shoulder pressure acc. to DIN 4126
  • Filling of soil layer areas with the colors and/or symbols acc. to DIN 4023 or your own definition
  • German, English and French language available

Analysis of piles for noise protection walls
  • Analysis of piles in slopes
  • Approach acc. to ZTV-Lsw 06 / acc. to Vogt e.g. for noise protection walls
  • Iteration of the sliding block for the inclination ϑ of the slip joint with minimum safety
  • Iteration of the pile length for the verification of the equilibrium of moments
  • Additional length Δt for the verification of the horizontal equilibrium of forces
  • Improved method for layered soil with different soil layer parameters
  • Clearly arranged output with graphics and numerical verification
  • Available as an addition to the program DC-Pile for bore piles and driven piles

Building underpinnings and retaining walls acc. to DIN 1054:2005 / SIA 267 / OENORM B 1997-1-1

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