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Архитектурна визуализация със Cinema 4D


Лектор: арх. Станислава Марковска

•    Историята зад едно финално изображение
•    Вградени бързи настройки за рендериране
•    Съвместимост с други плъгини за рендериране, което дава предимство в скоростта на производство, приспособимост към желанията на клиента и качество на продукцията...

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Introduction to Allplan Share

Recorded webinar

Speaker: Kenan Koc
  • Team Creation in Bimplus
  • License activation with Allplan Share
  • Project generation with Allplan Share
  • Invitation of project members
  • Upload of an existing Allplan project
  • Creating a project backup with Allplan Share...
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Analysis of earth retaining structures using layered walls and reinforced soil with DC-Software

24 September, Thursday, 15:00 CEET

•    Analysis of supporting constructions from different types of blocks with DC-Gabion
•    Reinforced earth with geosynthetics with DC-Geotex
•    Combination between both programs
•    Visualisation and output of results

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Analysis and dimensioning of different pile types with DC-Software

Recorded webinar

•    Analysis and dimensioning of different types of single piles with DC-Pile
•    Analysis and dimensioning of combined pile raft foundations with DC-Pilegroup
•    Analysis and dimensioning of foundation pit bore pile walls with DC-Pit
•    Visualisation and output of results

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The Advantages of 3D Reinforcement Modelling for your Engineering Project

Recorded webinar

  • The advantages of 3D modelling over 2D Reinforced Concrete (RC) detailing;
  • How to structure data to gain advantage for downstream coordination;
  • How to rapidly reinforce any complex object/structure.

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Analysis and design of a steel hall with SCIA Engineer - Part II

Recorded webinar

In this second part of the webinar, we will demonstrate another way to design our steel hall: based on results from second-order analysis with initial imperfections. Important settings and aspects of the design will be discussed. The results from the two approaches will be compared in terms of material usage and difficulty in the workflows. Then, deflections will be evaluated using the serviceability check functionality; related workflows and settings will be explained.  

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Introduction to Visual Scripting

Recorded webinar

  • Parametric modeling of complex shapes
  • Creating commonly used custom objects,
  • and automating personalized workflows. 

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Effective input of climatic loads in SCIA Engineer

Recorded webinar

Watch this webinar to see how to input climatic loads correctly and effectively in SCIA Engineer

  • How to model a structure to streamline the use of integrated load generators
  • How to input data for the 3D wind load generator
  • How to work effectively with the 3D wind load generator
  • How to use effectively the 2D wind and snow load generators


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All about data exchange via IFC in SCIA Engineer

Recorded webinar

You will learn a general information about the IFC file format and its file schemas. All magic terms for description of objects will be explained with respect to the schema supported in SCIA Engineer. In addition, also export options including BIM/IFC properties will be demonstrated.  

In the second part of the session, possibilities of import of models will be shown using examples created in other applications. 

In the end, you will learn a couple of tips & tricks what to do if you have troubles with IFC. 

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BIM проектиране: Моделиране на довършителни работи
с Allplan Architecture 2020 (Уебинар)

Дата: 5 март, четвъртък, от 16:00 до 17:00 часа

* Темата е подходяща за архитекти.

Лектор: инж. Йоана Димитрова, продуктов специалист за Allplan

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