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Calendar 2020 | Webinars

  Визуализиране на модела на сградата с Allplan Architecture

14 април, вторник, начало: 16:00 часа

•    Дефиниране и задаване на материали (текстури) за различните елементи на информационния модел на сградата
•    Създаване на околна среда
•    Задаване на естествени или изкуствени източници на светлина
•    Методи за рендериране
•    Задаване на път на камерата и видео на модела
•    Формати за експорт на модела към програми, специализирану за фотореалистична визуализация

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Analysis and design of a steel hall with SCIA Engineer

21 April, Tuesday, 15:00 - 16:00 CET

•    The need of a stability analysis in order to obtain the αcr value of the structure as described in art. 5.2.1 of EN1993-1-1.

•    Second order analysis, which influences the obtained internal forces and consequently also the results of steel code checks (ULS).

•    Finally, the deflections will also be validated via the serviceability limit check.

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New features in Allplan Bridge 2020-1

22 April, Wednesday

• Allplan Bridge- short recap
• New in version 2020-1:
- 3D Tangents for tendon modeling
- Element & Load removal
- Enhanced view options
- Creep, Shrinkage and Relaxation according to AASHTO LRFD
- Traffic Loads
- Code-based Design
- Exchange analysis model

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Analysis of earth retaining structures using layered walls and reinforced soil with DC-Software

28 April, Tuesday, 3 p.m. CET

•    Analysis of supporting constructions from different types of blocks with DC-Gabion
•    Reinforced earth with geosynthetics with DC-Geotex
•    Combination between both programs
•    Visualisation and output of results

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Design of concrete beams and columns including detailing with Scia Engineer (using export via IFC, etc.)

30 April, Thursday, 3 p.m. CET

•    Productivity tips in designing general cross-sections.
•    Productivity tips for design of multi-story buildings.
•    A specific path for those interested in verifying pre-designed projects or re-evaluating existing buildings. For engineers who are working for a controlling office/government.
•    Production of the final report and how to communicate the reinforcement to a draftsman.

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Analysis and dimensioning of different types of foundations with DC-Software

20 May, Wednesday, 3 p.m. CET

•    Bearing capacity of rectangular, strip and circular footings with DC-Bearing
•    Settlement analysis of any types of foundations with DC-Settle
•    Analysis and design of single, block and sleeve footings, rectangular, strip and circular footings with DC-Footing
•    Analysis and design of pile-supported foundation plate with DC-Pilegroup
•    Visualisation and output of results

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Analysis and dimensioning of different pile types with DC-Software

11 June, Thursday, 3 p.m. CET

•    Analysis and dimensioning of different types of single piles with DC-Pile
•    Analysis and dimensioning of combined pile raft foundations with DC-Pilegroup
•    Analysis and dimensioning of foundation pit bore pile walls with DC-Pit
•    Visualisation and output of results

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BIM проектиране: Моделиране на довършителни работи
с Allplan Architecture 2020 (Уебинар)

Дата: 5 март, четвъртък, от 16:00 до 17:00 часа

* Темата е подходяща за архитекти.

Лектор: инж. Йоана Димитрова, продуктов специалист за Allplan