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Drive Curve

With the Allplan add-on Drive Curve you can check envelope curves of different vehicles.As an architect, infrastructure planner, urban planner, engineer and draftsman, you benefit from the intuitive operation and the fact that the route can be adjusted at any time. The verification of the road width can thus be done directly in Allplan.

Supported Allplan versions: 2020-2023

Allplan Add-On Fahrspur - Erster Grobüberblick


Profiled Part

With the Allplan add-on Profiled Part you can easily create steel construction, connections, profile sheets and sandwich elements. Whether you are creating general plans, modeling industrial halls or need impressive trusses for signposting, here is the solution.Attributes such as profile types, steel weight, surfaces, etc., can be labeled and evaluated.

Supported Allplan versions: 2020-2023

 Stahlbau - Verbindungen - Profilbleche - Sandwichelemente


Excavation Solid

With the Allplan add-on Excavation Solid, we offer convincing solution for excavations of all kinds (buildings, utility lines, engineering structures). The creation of excavation plans and the simple modeling of terrain or impressive layer models for presentation are also supported.

Supported Allplan versions: 2020-2023 




With the Allplan Add-On Ramp, you can create any ramp. A dynamic reference area is created using an axis, the length profile, and transverse inclinations for the left and right edge. You can connect architectural components such as floor panels and walls to this reference surface.

Supported Allplan versions: 2020-2023

 Allplan Add-On Rampe / Erster Einblick


3D Tools

With the Allplan 3D Tools add-on, you get additional 3D functions that make working with Allplan easier. For example, you can easily create a 3D surface based on terrain points (e.g., the upper edge of an underground car park floor slab) and then use this as a plane (from Allplan 2019). You can also use various commands to modify already created 3D solids and 3D surfaces until they meet your expectations.

Supported Allplan versions: 2020-2023

 Geometry Tools V1 - Gefälle Planen


Element Converter

With the Allplan add-on Element Converter, you can convert large number of 2D and 3D elements with time saving. For example, after importing a cadastral plan, you can add area elements to all buildings and streets with just a few clicks. Or you can convert existing 3D bodies into architectural components after an IFC import and thus make better use of them. You can also turn large number of the same elements into smart symbol to reduce memory requirements and have the advantage of adjusting all elements at once.

Supported Allplan versions: 2017-2023

 ElementConverter - 2D Daten

ElementConverter - 3D Körper in Wand- oder Deckenöffnung


Graphic Text

With the Allplan add-on Graphic Text you can easily create vectorized texts, 3D texts and texts with blocks. When creating text, you can create borders, fillings and shadows as vector elements (lines, circles and areas) and even have them created in 3D.

Supported Allplan versions: 2017-2023

 Add-On GraphicText - vektorisierte 2D/3D Texte


Spatial Dimensioning

With the Allplan Spatial dimensioning add-on, we offer you the opportunity to better present your models or perspectives. Measure your objects directly in free space. With 3D dimensioning, your model gains precision and clarity. For example, dimension true lengths, gradients, elevations, angles or coordinates. This makes your planning understandable for everyone and at the same time misunderstandings are cleared up.

Supported Allplan versions: 2017-2023


3D Pattern

With the Allplan add-on 3D Pattern, you can add 3D patterns to your models and perspectives, for example, to present them to the client. There are practically no limits to the possible applications. Whether in interior design such as bathroom walls, floor, and ceiling surfaces as well as outside of the building for facades, roof tiles, quarry stone walls, and much more, with the 3D pattern add-on, you can quickly and easily try different surface structures on your 3D models.

Supported Allplan versions: 2020-2023




With the Allplan Add-On Classifier, you can easily visualize and evaluate your attributes in the 3D model. You can define rules yourself and then create legends, including attributes. You can also modify all created classifications at any time. With this add-on, for example, you have a quick overview of an imported IFC model, in which you can classify the components according to material, designation, etc.

Supported Allplan versions: 2017-2023

 Klassifizierung - Erste Schritte


Element Chain

With the Element Chain add-on, you can place Allplan elements, such as walls, columns, macros, etc., along any axis. This allows, for example, sheet piling, retaining walls, barriers and many other elements to be correctly positioned quickly. Even with kinks in the axis, the elements are placed correctly. The individual elements of the chain can be used for quantity determination or export.

Supported Allplan versions: 2020-2023

 Element-Kette - Einführung


CityGML Importer

CityGML is an open and manufacturer-neutral information model for describing the 3D geometry, 3D topology, semantics, and visual appearance of city and landscape objects. These include, for example, terrain, buildings, water and traffic areas, as well as vegetation and land use.With the Allplan add-on CityGML import, you can now import this data into Allplan.

Supported Allplan versions: 2020-2023


Quantity Inspector

With the Allplan Add-On Quantity Inspector, you can easily create detailed reports. The respective geometric shape and position in space are automatically recognized. Thus, for example, stairs, steel profiles and 3D bodies can be easily evaluated.  With intelligent geometry recognition, more than 16,000 steel profiles are recognized based on the dimensions alone.

Supported Allplan versions: 2020-2023
 Mengen-Inspektor - Erster Überblick



With the Allplan Pipe add-on, you can easily create pipes in 3D and define how the corners are rounded. The position of the pipes and the diametre can be adjusted at any time. In addition, it is possible to take over any cross-sections from 2D polygons and create, for example cable routes.

Supported Allplan versions: 2017-2023
 Add-On Rohrleitung


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