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SCIA is a software company that internationally provides outstanding solutions for the complete construction cycle and for any kind of structure. Since more than 35 years, the company is specialized in advanced engineering calculations that are being used all over the world. SCIA is omnipresent: the big malls you shop in, bridges you drive on, roller-coasters that shake you up, tunnels that bring you to the other site of the mountain, the buildings you live and work in and many other structures. The probability is extremely high that these constructions are built with the help of SCIA software. They are not only extremely safe but also resistant, innovative and technically impressive.

SCIA Engineer

SCIA Engineer, a graphical software system for design, calculations and code-checking of structures, is an ideal tool for calculations in any dimensionality from a simple beam (1D), to a single plate (2D), to a whole building (3D) to a detailed analysis of distribution of internal forces over time in prestressed structures (4D).    >>more

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