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bjc maxmess-software 

Maxmess-software is a German company, developing modern software for the survey of buildings. It offers the benefit of a holistic business concept based on a team of highly qualified members who combine competences from the fields of informatics, mathematics, architecture and civil engineering since 1992.  Company developers work on the principle that only products which combine traditional processes with the newest developments prove to be successful.   Trends in the building and restoration industry plus the intelligent use of energy sources are the primary reason for the continuous development of maxmess-software products, used by more than 5000 customers worldwide.


On-Site Photo

On-Site Photo is a very precise procedure to determine dimensions of digital photos establishing the dimensional reference using one or two known lengths and correcting perspectives and image defects caused by the lens. On-Site Photo is a universal tool for planners, surveyors, builders, energy consultants.
On-Site Survey

On-Site Survey is a modern system for recording buildings. All relevant building data is digitally recorded into ground plans on site. The building geometry recorded by means of a hand laser can be completed by photos, videos and spoken comments. All information can be entered directly into a portable computer.

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