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ALLPLAN Presents an Update of its BIM Solution

Allplan 2019-1: Numerous detailed improvements, new download reference model feature from cloud-based platform Allplan Bimplus, technical preview for Visual Scripting and point clouds as well as new functionality in Allplan Bridge

The latest update of Allplan - BIM solution for architects and engineers offers new features and optimization in data exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration based on Allplan Bimplus, as well as numerous detailed improvements in terms of performance and stability. In addition, Allplan 2019-1 provides a new function for visual scripting, available as a technical preview. Furthermore, Allplan Bridge 2019-1 also includes significant new functionality. read more >>


DC-Software - BIM In Foundation Engineering

April 17, 2019

DC-Integra now with IFC interface
  • Create a 3D model of your foundation pit with base sections of different depth and automatic intersection of slopes
  • Display of all wall types with infillings, anchors, booms and pipeworks
  • Export of the 3D model into IFC format and impo rt in other BIM systems like Revit or Allplan
  • Alternatively Reference View or Design Transfer View  more >>


News in Program DC-Pile

April 17, 2019

Analysis available acc. to OENORM B 1997-1-3 as well
  • 7 settlement-depending values for the end bearing of bore piles
  • Separate values for the skin friction for the verification of stability and for serviceability
  • Resistance-settlement line with 7 intermediate points
  • Selection of the proposed values for end bearing and skin friction acc. to OENORM B 1997-1-3   Download PDF
Resistance-settlement line with
values acc. to OENORM B 1997-1-3

News in DCLOAD


April 17, 2019

Evaluation of the plate load test acc. to OENORM B 4417
  • Display with linear connection of the points soil pressure/settlement
  • Evaluation of the deformation modulus acc. to OENORM B 4417 with Δσ/Δs
  • Additional evaluation acc. to DIN 18 134, SN 670 317b and BS 1377-9
   Download PDF

News in DC-Lamella


April 17, 2019

Stability of diaphragm wall lamellae acc. to DIN 4126
  • New: determination of the supporting force Sk alternatively with the more exact method acc. to fig. 3b of DIN 4126:2013
  • Calculation of corner panels acc. to Triantafyllidis
   Download PDF
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