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SCIA Engineer | Design of all types of structures

SCIA Engineer is an integrated, multi-material structural analysis software and design tool for all kinds of structures. Its wide range of functionality makes it the ideal partner for the design of office buildings, industrial plants, bridges or any other project, all within the same easy-to-use environment.

  • fast analysis and design of any structure - from simple to complex
  • work the way you like
  • cutting-edge technologies and tools for effective work
  • organize and review every aspect of the structure
  • trusted, safe and economical design

Full design process in one model

Enjoy the freedom to model anything, with just one tool featuring CAD-like modelling, advanced analysis, code-compliant multi-material design and customizable reports.

Perfect productivity booster

Integrated cutting-edge technologies, intelligent automation, adaptive mesh generation, as well as innovative optimization and reporting tools.

Understand and control your model

Have full control over all your project data and design your structure with confidence in the results thanks to comprehensive international codes and detailed outputs.

More connected with BIM workflows

Seamless exchange of models with other project stakeholders, through the powerful bi-directional links, IFC, SAF or third-party plug-ins.


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