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Header_SE_1920x745SCIA Engineer 22 | What Is New

We’re beyond excited and proud to show you the newest version of our state-of-the-art structural analysis software! Now more than ever, our users’ requests and feedback is at the core of all improvements we implemented. The focus of SCIA Engineer 22 is on streamlining your daily workflow. The new version allows users to have a better insight in the economy of the design, helping save material. Not unimportant in the current economic conditions.
A boost in time efficiency:
• new reinforcement templates for columns in concrete
• the automatic design of reinforcement with SLS requirements taken into account
• an Extended AutoDesign report
Material efficiency at its best:
• evaluate the economy of the design via the weight of reinforcement per cubic meter of concrete in the extended AutoDesign report
• overall utilisation ratio of provided reinforcement
Read about the new features >>  


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