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V-Ray for Cinema 4D

V-Ray for Cinema 4D is a professional rendering solution for Cinema 4D users, looking to get the most realistic and fastest production images (still and motion) possible when working with this specific modeling tool.
V-Ray for Cinema 4D is an industry standard and it is used by many big studios all over the world. It integrates seamlessly with Cinema 4D and it offers a very short learning curve making it also one of the most accessible rendering tools on the market.

Key Differentiators

Fast: V-Ray for Cinema 4D results being one of the fastest render engines for Cinema 4D on the market. Its short learning curves allows designers to master it in matters of days.

Artist-friendly: Built for 3D artists who want to create realistic images using fast set-ups and intuitive controls.

Smart integration: Integrated seamlessly into Cinema 4D and optimized to work with a vast collection of other plug-ins.

Creative control: Artists can create all types of physically-based materials/lighting with fast, flexible controls for enhanced realism and more creative freedom.

Affordability: V-Ray for Cinema 4D offers versatility, speed and power at an all inclusive price that is very competitive in relationship to any comparable tool.

Key Features
Speed-uai-720x397 main_right-uai-720x397
Optimized CPU rendering provides all-new speeds, plus enjoy blazing-fast GPU rendering for previews and final-frame renders. V-Ray’s feature-full production toolset delivers high-quality, physically accurate images and animation. Simple usage - new full automatic sampling: Light calculation has never been easier meaning that setting up your render is now a lot faster and problem free.
brdf_grant2-uai-258x142 vfb-uai-258x142 clipper-uai-258x142 maxon_hair_support-uai-258x142
Physically layered BRDF with new materials and shaders: Materials in V-Ray for Cinema 4D can be constructed by using a very advanced system that gives full control to the artists.
New VFB - LUT control, denoiser & lens effects: Cut down rendering and post production times by using these new tools included in version 3.4
New V-Ray clipper, render time booleans & render mask: These are additional tools that speed up your workflow like ray-traced material rounding and rendered boolean operations.
Full MAXON hair, fur, spline and grass render support: Unmatched integration with these important Cinema 4D features.
DR_server_buckets-1-uai-258x142 GI-uai-258x142 oculus_like_view-uai-258x142 unlimited_uv-uai-258x142
V-Ray DR & full unlimited c4d cmd-line/ teamrendering: V-Ray for Cinema 4D includes for free 5dr nodes for distribute rendering. Global illumination & accurate lights: More effective light solver calculates more accurate images. Physical cameras - vr ready - 360 degree stereo cameras: Integrate Oculs and HTC VIVE in your workflow.
Unlimited uv's per shaders & triplanar mapping: Create single materials that can use more than one UV for texturing your models.
scatter-uai-258x142 volume-uai-258x142 GPU_IPR-uai-258x142 render_elements-uai-258x142
Proxies & instancing with shader & material randomisation tools: Handle larger amounts of geometry using less RAM. New sky modes, areal perspective & faster volume rendering: Easier to implement environmental effects. CPU & GPU production render & new IPR preview window: New interactive rendering tools that speed up the creation of images. New extended render elements and id passes: More freedom and higher control for post production.


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