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On-Site Servey - time-saving mobile recording of buildings

On-Site Survey is a modern system for recording buildings. All relevant building data is digitally recorded into ground plans on site. The building geometry recorded by means of a hand laser can be completed by photos, videos and spoken comments. All information can be entered directly into a portable computer. On-Site Survey is optimally suited for work with netbook or tablet PC. A netbook combined with On-Site Survey is the best priced electronic survey system with a full scope of supply.
Comfortable and high-performance 2D and 3D direct interfaces are available for Allplan, AutoCAD and Glaser -isb cad.

Special Features:

  • Error prevention with acoustic control of all entries through an integrated speech output
  • Detailed analysis and reports for printing or subsequent processing at the push of a button
  • Exemplary integration of electronic pen operation, handwriting recognition and digital drawing of professional sketches on tablet PC
  • Wireless data transfer from hand laser with Bluetooth interface
  • Webcam control for multimedia documentation of building plans and contents, convenient recording of spoken comments, digital photos and videos


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pdf_sm  On-Site Survey Datasheet, PDF
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