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Allplan, Frilo and Scia Join Forces

21 February 2024IMG_20220331_181119_w1

Nemetschek Group has announced that it will merge three of its brands, Allplan, Scia, and Frilo, under the Allplan umbrella. This strategic move aims to offer architects and engineers a unique solution while also strengthening its market position in Europe. The merger will enable Allplan to provide a single BIM (Building Information Modeling) platform, from the first concept through the detailed design and multidisciplinary planning to comprehensive prefabrication, and construction deliverables. Scia and Frilo will provide extensive software for structural analysis and design, including analysis and design of 3D multi-material structures and a component-orientated calculation approach. Watch Video >>


Maxon One Fall Release Announced

13 September 2023IMG_20220331_181119_w1

Maxon, the developers of professional software solutions for editors, filmmakers, motion designers, visual effects artists and creators of all types, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated September release with updates for nearly all Maxon products. Cinema 4D 2024 is better than ever - with massive performance improvements in interactive playback, enhancements to Rigid Body simulations and a more “art-directable” Pyro workflow. With Trapcode 2024, artists can now create realistic thermal dynamics with the new Combustion feature and create particle tracks with Stroke from Parent. VFX 2024 opens up a new dimension in lighting control and includes several enhancements to the popular Real Lens Flares. Read more >>


Стартира курс за работа с водещия BIM софтуер за строително

проектиране Allplan Engineering в УАСГ

12 април 2022IMG_20220331_181119_w1

Курсът е безплатен за студентите и се организира съвместно от Строителния факултет на УАСГ и ИРМ ЕООД, официален дистрибутор на Аllрlаn. Цeлтa нa ĸypca e дa ocигypи нeoбxoдимитe знaния и насоки зa ycпeшeн cтapт c Аllрlаn. Cтyдeнтcĸaтa вepcия нa Аllрlаn е бeзплaтнa, пo oтнoшeниe нa фyнĸциoнaлнocттa нe ce paзличaвa oт нaй-paзшиpeнaтa ĸлиeнтcĸa вepcия, a лицeнзът мoжe дa бъдe yдължaвaн пo вpeмe нa cлeдвaнeтo пpи нaличиe нa нeпpeĸъcнaти cтyдeнтcĸи пpaвa. Cлeд зaвъpшвaнe нa ĸypca, ĸoйтo дaвa бaзoвa пoдгoтoвĸa, yчacтницитe мoгaт дa пpoдължaт oбyчeниeтo cи caмocтoятeлнo с помощта на разнообразните ресурси в студентския портал Allplan Campus, a също и да намерят професионална реализация във водещи проектантски офиси. Лекциите ще водят инж. Йоана Димитрова и инж. Боряна Николова.


0058-bimplus1Allplan announces update of its BIM Solution


April 7, 2022

Allplan introduced a service release of its latest version Allplan 2022. The BIM solution stands for the integrated working method of architects, engineers, and contractors on a single platform, from the initial design to successful implementation on the construction site. This new service release Allplan 2022-1 offers a Technical Preview for live synchronization with Lumion rendering software for fast, realistic visualizations. There are also various detailed improvements such as in parametric road design.


ALLPLAN announces update of its Data Management Platform Bimplus


0058-bimplus1Hай-голямата инфраструктурна компания в

Германия разчита на ALLPLAN

29 февруари 2022

Във връзка с въвеждането на единно решение за основните процеси на проектиране, строителство, експлоатация и поддръжка държавната компания Аутобан (Autobahn GmbH) в бъдеще ще разчита на Allplan като междудисциплинарна платформа, която придружава и интегрира процеса на проектиране и строителство през всички фази на обслужване. повече >>
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